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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


So i have been doing things a little more differently, here's some pics :D!


               Every girl (or boy) needs a cute pair of shoes. Here are some of my personal favs :D

These are some of the most comfortable shoes ive worn in a while. I L-O-V-E them!!
These are PERFECT for the new years party. Pair them with a sweater dress and leggings and you'll be FLAWLESS :D

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Anoter quick tip!!

This tip is for job interviews.

SO you got a job interview? Now unless it's for a  makeup company of anything in the beauty industry, you should go fairly light on your makeup. Make it AS NATURAL AS POSSIBLE !!

Because your future employer doesn't want to see a face caked up in makeup.

XoXo Joey Star <3 -Photo edit by SuSu Star © Joey Star 2010 All Rights Reserved.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Joey Star's quick tip!!

Today's quick tip is makeup related. And it has to do with RED LIPS!

First thing you should do when applying a red lip is fill in your lips with your lip liner, this will help your lipstick not feather or run. Because most lip liners are or have some wax properties in them, this will keep your lip stick from running.

Also, try using your concealer (my current fav is MAC Studio Sculpt ) and a concealer brush to clean up the edges, this will fix any "boo boo's" you make.

Thanks for reading, more quick tips to come :D

XoXo Joey Star

"With a little hard work and determination, you can achieve anything" -Joey Star

Sunday, November 14, 2010


              Here and only here do we have an "Make a Difference Fashion" EXCLUSIVE!!!

So i had a one on one interview with Plastic Martyr and got a chance to ask him a few questions.

Here's what he has to say...

1. How did you first know you wanted to be in the fashion industry?

A: I actually never intended or planned on becoming a model or being a name in the fashion scene. I was about 14 and was doing make up for a photographer, he was inspired by my quirky sense of style and asked to do a shoot with me. After that shoot it just progressed from there.

2. What are some of your major influences when you go shopping, what do you look for in clothing?

A: My style changes often, sometimes daily. I don't really have a set style or influence, it mostly depends on what frame of mind I'm in that day. But in clothes I look for something that can be beautiful, sexy, classy and dramatic all in one.
3. How did you cope and deal with the way the world has reacted to your "Alternative" style.

A: I never really give people the option or chance to voice their negative opinions regarding my life. I tend to filter out the negative and only allow the positive in. The opinions of others was never anything I valued, I appreciate positive feed back but regardless of any opinion I do what I do to make myself happy, self satisfaction is all that matters to me.
     4. If you could describe your style in 5 words, what would they be.

A: infinite, macabre, life, death, futuristic.

    5. Finally "Who" are you wearing?

A: Hahahah. Oh dear, I wish I was answering this question 2 hours ago when I was dressed. Right now I am wearing black yoga pants, and an Alice Cooper band T. That pretty much sums up my pajamas. Earlier I was wearing Michael Kors and Dior.

So there you have it. The EXCLUSIVE interview with Plastic Martyr!!


Yes this is more for the makeup side of this Fashion blog. But this is something thats more commonly known, but not everyone know this. It's the fall, and in the fall your makeup can get DARKER, not the makeup it's self but this would be the time to go from a natural brown smokey eye and nude lip.
To that dark black smokey eye with a red lip. Dare to be different.

"With a little glambition, you can make a difference" -Joey Star

Introduction to perfection!!

Hey there, My name's Joey Star, and im here to present to you the Fashion portion of the Make A Difference blog. 

Im here to bring you the HOTTEST fashion advice tips, reviews and EXCLUSIVES!!

So let me tell you a little about myself, you already know my name, so let's go a little deeper.

I was born and raised in a tiny little state called Maine ( I know it's a shame ) i went to school all the way to my second year of high school, where i was removed and then home schooled to give me a better chance at my career im the fashion world!

Now, I'm a model and freelance makeup artist here in my home town. 
With star's in my eye's my dream to become a world renown model in LA has taken off, and I'm on my way to making my dreams come true.

I have ALWAYS been a fashionable person, that's why i was chosen to run this section of the blog.
There will be 2-3 post a week (depending on how busy i am ) Maybe even mobile posts, on the lasted fashion IN and OUTS.

With my eye for EVERYTHING FABULOUS, follow my advice and you'll be a DIVA in no time :)

Until next time, "A little glam goes a long way" -Joey Star